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The life of a Friesian stuck in a human body!
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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
10:55 pm
Going UP?????

Current Mood: blah
Monday, September 6th, 2010
6:32 pm
yeah Im still here:P
I finally got the old Holman Diesel powered air compressor running again.

The guy I got it from said it ran, but doesnt anymore. I found that the injection pump had all but rusted together from the inside. This was after trying to get it to pump fuel for an hour or so. I took it off and tore it apart. Making sure to put scribe marks on everything.
I ended up soaking all but the finely polished pistons and cylinders in a phosphoric acid bath for over a week to kill the rust, and break everything loose again. It then took a hammer still to knock things free. Lots of atf to flush out the dirt too. I bought new seals for both ends, and made new gaskets for the case, and the fuel pump.
Painted it today, and baked it it the sun for most of the day.
I got it put on and primed the fuel lines. By the time I went to start it the battery was complaning about the full compression since I closed the compression release on the block. But once I got it to crank over fully, it fired up in 3 cranks after sitting for over 20 years! Huge cloud of black smoke billowing out.
I need to rerset the govenor rod I think, as it seems to not idle great (Too fast). The cut lever works to idle it down at least, and its a really strong engine still.
Now its onto deciding if I want to put this in my old travelall, or sell the whole compresser.
Its I think a 100cfm. It was lifting the safety on the air side at idle with a valve 1/2 open :p

Current Mood: alive!
Friday, July 30th, 2010
9:55 pm
Well Ive been debating for a while on converting my old Travelall into a hybrid of sorts. So I finally aired up the tire rolled it down the hill to the 'garage' (Dirt sorta flat spot) and proceded to pull the engine.
I finally got it out tonight with the help of a colty counterbalance on the engine hoist. Engine dry is over 800# and the legs couldnt be extended due to the wheels hitting the crossmember. Almost became a colty trebuche. Fun part is attempting to move the hoist thru the sand trap with that weight on it without it flipping:p. Anyways its on the engine stand now (Much to its dislike)and the pan got pulled too.
It looks like I Did loose a rod. (driver front) tho the crank looks like it isnt scored bad. so Im not really sure what happened to cause the engine to lack power, then come apart. tho the insert bearings are shredded and beat bad. Everything is covered in oil, and no coolant leaks either.(Surprising) There is almost a hole in the block, but it couldnt force its way thru the side of 3/8" hard cast iron block It is radial cracked, but easilly caulked if need be.
Next decision is weather to rebiuld this thing (Appopriate engine for this (350hp and 500foot # of torque) at 13 mpg at best) or try to stick in a 58hp Isuzu diesel for economy. Im not sure if the isuzu would push it down the road at any speed at all however. This Travellall is Heavy! its 5800# dry,(Heavier than my 1 ton gmc.) I could always go a 3rd route and install a truck diesel engine and allison transmission. Lots more reliable than the old 727's....

I gave up on the hybrid as the amount of $$ it will take to procure the goods to make it happen. Ie the generator, speed controller and matched motors, and gear reductions.

I really want this thing running again as its ideal for long road trips, ad the occasional dump run.

Current Mood: contemplative
Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
8:11 pm
Why oh why is poisoning yourself with alchohol so much fun?Lol
Ive decicided that ive had enough of the bs at work so Im removing all my tools I brought in to help. Hard part is remembering them all. I know I have my 12" calipers there, a micrometer depth guage, my engine hoist, 1" impact wrench, stereo system, battery terminal remover,end wrenches, and most importantly my soul:p
THis started with me checking in this morning to a "do you know where the electric jackhammer is?" from the boss. to which I replied, yeah its at home still. then the lecture of how I cost Him 3 hours of time looking or 100$. I really oddly didnt care for once. I informed him that I told his brother that I was going to borrow it(Being its his brothers and not the bosses.)and he forgot. I talked to the brother on the way in, and no hard feelings or anything, just wanted to know where it was.and asked me if I could replace the cord on it, I said sure! (then his asshole brother(the boss) tells me that I need to bring it back tomorrow (Even tho his brother doesnt need it )so its loaded on the truck with the trailer I c=got lectured about having still, that is now on its way back. I had to buy fuel with credit to get it back there. but at least I wont have to worry about those lectueres anymore.I hope it burns up in an inferno :p at work.

I stopped posting cause all I seem to have is grief to taklk about, and everyone has enough already that they deal with.
Last installment was today, Monday was an attempted dump run to get rid of 6 months worh of debris, mostly construction. looked at the bank in the am when I woke up. 60 in checking, and 130 in savings. ok, enough for 20 in fuel and the dump. I get to the fuel station, and my debt isnt working, I say credit then as im headed to the bank to get $$ for the dump. Denied.. luckilly I had 10$ in cash left, enough to make it to town and back. I get to the bank and find out im $60 in the red due to BOA taking 2.5 weeks to process a fn online payment.
So I say put 2000$ cash advance off of the bank credit to get outa the red. denied. the card was dead. So we went home activated the new card, I payed colty 300$ to which he payed me $300 back in cash 200 in which I stuck in the bank. 100 was to dump fee\. (Only 38$) but ya can never guess.)
that turned a 3 hour project into the whole day..

On other notes I gotta GTFO of my current job. I just wish I had somthing lined up. I really dont wanna go postal:p tis why im dwunk now!:)) Im treated like a 5 yo, so now im starting to act like it. I really dont give a F*** about him or his hell.

Current Mood: predatory
Saturday, May 22nd, 2010
9:37 pm
It finally sinks in...
I had a stroke about a year ago.

I woke up at 2 am and both arms were comletely numb along with my left leg. I tried to move but couldnt. I realised I wasnt breathing much, so I forced myself mentally to breathe. it took over 5 mins to get the numbness to stop at wich point I tried to get up, but everything felt too heavy, so I just fell back asllep.
Wasnt much longer and I was having difficulty speaking. Mixing up words and their meanings, and confusion on simple things. It took me about 2 months to recogise I was having difficultys, and go to the vet. nerologist sent me to a psyche and in the end I ended up taking a battery. I dont know the results as I cant afford the 50$ copays. It took me a long time going to the doc to find out nothing.
It was a coworker friend that came up to work today that had a stroke recently that I recognised all my semptoms that he has now. he is much older however so I think it took more of a toll on him than me.
Sometimes I dont do bad, but other times I hear myself talking and its like I didnt want to say that I wanted to say 'this'. in short I really sound like a tard now.
Im more than certain that its too late to try to improve much at this point however.
At least it all makes more sence now, than just becoming stupid.
I suppose its my 'cross to bear' I just wish I at least had a cart to haul it on and my harness to wear.

Current Mood: crushed
Monday, March 29th, 2010
11:56 pm
Friday, March 12th, 2010
9:00 pm
Finally another update now that I'm awake enough to do so!
Lesseee. 2 weeks ago, I decided to try and re establish the abandoned light fixture in the bedroom.
So I started off with trying to fish out the wire that I had shoved up in the celing when I redid the roof 5 years ago. I had no luck. So the next step was to pull down the light fixture to get at the other end. Good or bad, I found black mold growing on the actual celing that was above the 'drop' celing. (they had attached furring strips to the blown out celotex celing and then nailed, and stapled on 1' square celing tiles to thoes. so this left a 3/4" space that was unseen.
Needless to say, as much as I had no intention of attacking house again for a while. the celing Had to come down:(( .
SO all of that sat was spent demoing, and moving the Packed room to Everywhere else in the house.
5 55 gallon bags of celing tiles,16 furring strips, a bunch of dead celotex boards,8 bags of dead rat skat infested fiberglass, with about 200# of mud douber nests. And then we found that the joists Also had mold fairly deep into them too. Hell...
So we were pulling thoes out too, and noticed that they ran them the wrong way!
Instead of tieing the roof rafters together from one end to the other, they ran them opposite, so they did nothing but barely support the celing. Barely enough, that they had added a furring strip from the center joist to the ridge beam to try and hold it up.
I was planning on replacing them, till colty mentioned why bother. To which I remarked yeah you have a point. the house has stood for 50 years like that, and the joists are doing nothing but supporting the celing. SO instead of purchasing 16'long boards, and dealing with the span issue, we went with a vaulted celing!
Down to home cheapo, to where we got 14 sheets of rock,24 2x4's a celing fan(Why not!) 50 # of screws ($500) Fan was 200$.Le sigh...
so the next week was spent extending the walls on the ends to the now 13' celing from the top plate, adding nailer boards to the top of the studs, and Most importantly tieing the rafters together with 2x4's as they had NOTHING but the 1x6 ridge tieing it all together! This also made it easier to hang a fan in the middle, and give the ridge vent somewhere to vent properly. We also tied all of the rafters together under the ridge beam with 2 of the celing joists that were unmolded, and mostly straight(these are true 2x4 rough)
Ran new light wires to the outside light, the new fan box, and a track light box on the north and south ends of the celing.
Then we had to demo what was left of a floating rough 3x4 beam that held up the end of 1/4 of the roof rafters. They tied this beam to the siding of the old house with nailes and it actually Held the damn thing up!(With 3 layers of comp, and Snowload too!) I jacked the roof up with a jack and cribbing, sectioned out the 3x, and temp nailed in an old celing joist to the siding again(One of the fiew that was still decent) There was still a gap between the end of the rafters, and the beam, so I cut the knotch deeper, and sistered another 2x onto it with a shitload of framing nails.(This also made the beam a sort of top plate.) Next was to kick out the jack, and head down to $ lumberland for more wood.
We ended up biulding a wall under this to try and help hold the roof up. In the future the old wall can be removed, as it is not really doing anything now., but for now we have a rather thick wall!
Last sat, we did that. Sunday, we insulated everything and ran off at 2pm to go rent a sheetrock lift.
becouse Nothing is square or true in this house, it took 12 hours (With a 1 hour lunch ) to put up 8 sheets of rock! Frustration is the understatement!
the rest of the week was recovering the mess that was the house, hanging the fan temporarilly(To circulate the heat that is now 12'up, add the switches and get the lights working.)
tomorrow hopefully it will be to get the last of the celing up, and possibly some of the walls too.

Of note, we both are mutch more energetic than eons past, and were both thinking that the mold was trying to kill us. Oh and on that note we both wore resperators, and had both hepa filters running the whole time(With the windows open).

All I wanted was a FN light!

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, February 4th, 2010
9:47 pm
This is it!??
I think I finally came to my sences on a fiew things...

1 My boss is an asshat.
2 getting less than 40 hours /week sucks to pay the bills let allone get ahead.
3 5 days post dated check really sucks( Supposed to get payed on the 15th, get payed on the 24th, check is dated on the 20th.
4 stuck in rut really sucks the big elephand stick.

5 Dad is really starting to fall apart Bak injury is limiting him more and more in activities
6 His house is falling apart.
7 he has offerd me a place to live rent free if I fix the place up for him. I passed as I was short sisded on compassion, and he was on understanding. Oddly this thought made me nearly sick to my stomach in the past. Now I am actually looking forward to it..
8the logistics of making this all work

Dad has a detached garage that he and me, installed a small bathroom and heater in so we could move into to make our new stable. Bathroom is not finished, and garage is filled with storage, and shop currently. Doable in a couple of weekends I think.
Living IN the house proper most likely would not work, as we both need our space (Ie dad and me/colty)
House needs a lot of work, and as a benefit dad could carry my debt as I work for him, while I also settle down and look for a job.(Biggest issue of me and colty getting out of here while looking for a new job, the lack of $$ keeping the debt at bay.)

I still hate the city, but I do realise it has its benis too. Cell phone range, Broadband,social life,Jobs!! and dads house Still has 2/3 of an acre right next to downtown Morgan Hill, which is 70 from frisco, and 20 or so from San Jose. Possibly if job planned right, no car needed, just Public transport. THere would be plenty of room for the fuzzmut, tho not even close to being fuzdini resistant.
For a garage we could get a toss up shelter for 700$ or so.

All I see ath the stables Currently occupied, is fail due to job fail, and money fail.
If this is a go it Will take a Lot of gettting used to .

Current Mood: Will it work?
Friday, January 29th, 2010
9:15 pm
Pony pickkies from gold rush parade.

I worked my tail off there this year, but I also had the most fun yet of any con. I think suiting a LOT helped. I probably did about 13 hours over the 3 days.

I unfortunately missed nearly EVERYONE I wanted to meet. With the exception of Avon, who I didnt get to spend nearly enough time with due to work shifts, and RPRT. He was Very kind to take both us ponies out to Original Joe's. Still AWESOME Itallian! OMG.
90% of the others I wanted to meet, I never saw, or It didnt register in my sieve head :p
I did meet up with TK wuffy, and Scruffy. tho just for a very too short time.
Got to talk a lot with Night and hooves as they were our hosts for the room. Very kind uni's :) ANd I do miss them both:(

Hotel logistics for auto's really is the shits, so I dropped off all the stuff, and went and parked 5 miles to the south in a park and ride lot , and took the light rail to the station on first. $2 there, and $2 back to the car, and it was found there safe, and still having 4 wheels too! (Cheapest parking yet) I have to wonder if I could stash a pony cart somewhere, and give rides, as there is a lot of room outside, and around the park too.
I have yet to try it, but Ive heard that paintball companys make a substance that one can put on basks to stop fog, that actually works. This would be awesome as I wouldnt be totally blind! at least I have reins to direct me!
All the hell of getting to the con ill leave out as I only want to forget the blizzard we got stuck in at work.(To hell with winter! Turn up the bloody heat already!)

I am amazed that the con ran smoother than most of the past, Even with the new unframilliar hotel. Only gripes are the cardlock elevators, the lack of hot water for a 5 star hotel just amazes me, the beds are omg FAIL. we are bringing the camping airbed next year and leaving the bed to others, or to yiff on :p

Current Mood: pleased
Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
8:47 pm
Biusy day!
All with 1 cup of espresso!
Yesterday I managed to get the motor mount bolted in place after fighting it for 2 hours.(Awkward/Heavy/ and precision holes on a braket = PITAss!!) Colty came outside and helped to get it ligned up while I bolted it down. Unfortunately, the 4th bolt would NOT go in. So that leaves 3, 5/8" bolts to hold the 300# motor braket to the top of the mill. (I will have to grab a tap from work tomorrow)
That done, I got the motor lifted up with the tractor, and placed on the braket. Bolted it in, and redid the wiring on it. (This was set up for a contactor, but the biggest one I have is 3 hp, and this is now a 7 hp from a 20 hp. It has a reversing drum switch on it at least, so I will use this as the start/stop switch.
Last was to rewire the extenion cord from the phase converter. Swapped those plugs, plugged it in and flipped on the converter.
And Voalla! It started right up when I flipped the switch! Yaayy!

So today, another cup o espresso :p and I managed to get the flat belt stiched up with the boxed X stitch. (With beewaxed poly string). Takes bloody forever to do. For a temp to try it out, I stuck the broken caster wheel into its hole on the lever arm that raises the motor carrage thereby engaging the flat belt.(The bolt that holds the castor(s) both broke. Now I know why as the're cast iron(Even the bolt) ) I need to figure out another long term fix for this.
I then flipped on the phase converter again, and started up the motor. Tripped the 20A breaker, as it was too much to start the entire mill at once. Undid the flat belt clutch and tried it again afer reseting the breaker. (It popped again) WTF? It worked yesterday...
Then I got the grease gun, and greased up the motor, and the countershaft. It then started up no problem.
Everything works on it now! power feed X,Y,Z, all the feed gears work,and were exersized with more hydraulic fluid. Put chain oil on the ways (Way oil:p) and ran all in. THe back gears are all working(Has 2 back gears!) and direct works too. Overgreased the spindle bearings whith it running to force out the dead grease(Got covered with black dead grease in the process)
All in all it is ready for the vice.(Which weighs in at over 200#)I have to re arrange the shop at work to get it out of the stud bay its hiding in. (I have to make an offer on the shell mill he has at work too, as its too big for the Kearny Treaker there. I think its a 12"shell.
All of that done, I amazingly felt like working on house again!
SO I dug out the rusty cans of stain from the failed garage sale 3 years ago in the front yard.Went thru them all, and found a new rusty can of a Very nice color stain. SO I sanded down the back porch door, and stained it. At least its somewhat water resistant now.(It was getting water stained.) NOw I need to pick up a can of varathane to finish it off.

That being done, I still! had some daylight. So I fired up the rototiller again, and headed to the front yard to break up the rock that is supposed to be dirt. After beating up myself for 2 passes, I realised that I could possibly get this done allot easier. I shut down the tiller, and went to fire up the tractor. I ripped up the whole front yard with the scarifier teeth on the box scraper in about 1/2 hour.And that to about 1' deep. I then fired up the tiller again, and made Real headway.Got 4 passes done in the time I got the first pass done with it before.(It was then quitting time when once again I hooked it on another hidden fence) And it was black outside :p

Current Mood: busy
Friday, January 1st, 2010
10:59 am
Quote of the year
"You guys probably want to use your vacation soon cause there might not be any next year if it was as bad as this one." My Boss on the last day of the year.

Our responce "Fuuuuckkkkkk Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009
10:27 pm
Monday, December 21st, 2009
1:14 pm
now to see if this works :p
Finally took pickkies of the toys around here, along with the messes:p

are of the horizontal mill

Are of the more used lathe

is the morse taper drillpress (Has a 5/8" chuck in it)

is the 22" shaper/storage :p

is of the monarch lathe that lives outdoors. Along with the storage yard :p

is the way abused fergie loader/forklift(This is what unloaded/lifted but barely the stripped mill.)

is the compresser I made out of spare parts. Runs good, tho I need to redo the copper line, as it cracked after 10 hours of use (Also used line)

And lastly is the rear axle of my 1930 ford AA truck. Ready to get the brake assemblys,backing plates, hubs drums, and pinion gear. (I have a heavy coating of heavy grease on all the bare metal parts, and now its like cosmoline after being in the sun for a month.)

Current Mood: contemplative
Monday, December 7th, 2009
11:52 am
Ill join in here ;) and Ill delete the '1' only :p
I WILL BE COMPLETELY HONEST FOR 24 HOURS... You can ask questions. Any questions, no matter how crazy, sinister, or wrong they are. I WILL answer no matter what, you have my FULL honesty, but I DARE you to put this in your LJ and see what questions you get...
Sunday, December 6th, 2009
10:59 pm
Up on the rooofffff.......
Just got home after spending the last 3 days on my dads roof with colty.(Thursday was driving, and pressure washing the house to prep for paint) Started out with 6 potential rotten sheets of plywood. we finished off with 17... and a case of nails,nearly 5000 of them thru the nail gun. (Thank dog for the rapid fire setting on it!) The entire roof got renailed.
The compresser made it thru the entire house but barely.AS I went to start it up for the last piece of trim on the house roof, the belt kept slipping. So I tensioned it. Then there was a massive airleak, and wouldnt pump up to more than 60#. so that ended that deal. I was shocked that it started on the second pull for every time but one where it got water in the gas. Dad couldnt help himself and went and rented one for 1/2 a day 20$. So we had to keep going, even tho I was certain it was going to rain. well 1/2 hour after we pulled up the tarps, it started to rain. At least it wasnt very heavy, and none lasted more than 20 mins.

So were both worn to nubs.. Off to work in the mornin :((

Current Mood: blown out
Thursday, November 12th, 2009
8:12 pm
Perhaps I need a break from reality for a while...
I was at work on weds, walking acrossed the parking lot with a shovel on my sholder, and a Lining bar, and rail flipper tool over the other. I walked by a car that had its adults out of the car, while parked on top of the rail, while they looked at the schedule on the front door of the station. I waved at the kid in the back seat and the adult as he turned around, then the kid took a plastic toy(Like a large leggo block) pointed it at me and made the 'Pow' sound. ALL I could think at that instant was how fun it would be to knock his head off with the 20# rail flipping tool, while the break dancing kung fu knockout sound effects played :))
I kept walking tho..Much to the rest of the worlds dismay Im sure. Im sure hell grow up as a gansta.
As I walked away he then started trying to get my attention to ask what I was doing.. I kept on walking.

On other notes, the car is supposedly on its way to be healed by the almighty Stealership. We finally got all the misscommunications ironed out (Dont even bother to file a claim online, its a waste of time) Ill put it down as it went
1 weds night, Of the accident day. Filed claim online(Notice that adjuster will call the next biusness day within the first 2 hours) got a conformation number, and a claim #
2 one day comes and goes
3 another day comes and goes
4 Call at 9pm on friday that night as I find a 24 hour number to call, all info is taken down, and I get another claim number.
5 sat I get a email saying that they need almost all the info I gave them over the phone. I waited till monday, assuming that they would figure out that I had just called them.
6 Monday, I spaced on it as I was trying to get the mill settup
7 tues, we called them, Naturally they wernt there. We Do find out that her hours are 9-5 and mon wed and Sat....
8 Weds As I pull in the driveway, colty is standing there with the phone saying the adjuster is on the line. Talk to her for about 1/2 hour, and find out that she is in Colorado!!!! I let her know that upon looking at the claim #s I realised that they were different, as hers was an 01- ,, the one I got over the phone was 02-.. She looked up that one and Lo and behold! She had everything she needed!!!! OMG!
9 set up hertz to call abou the rental car. They called as I was heading out the door to work. I ran back in to grab my overalls that Id nearly forgotten, and colty says that there hours are 8-6 and they need to pick me up and get back to their office before they close, so they can do the goddam paperwork. Well Im 40 miles from the office, so there goes an hour at least to get there, and I dont get home till 5;30.
10 so we get to wait till monday to get the rental... Oh but wait,, THE'RE FN CLOSED MONDAY!!!
11 I want to call up AAA and tell them to forget the damn rental , and put that 25$ / day they want to put to that waste, to my next 2 bills instead. Its already been 8 days since the wreck, and it will be 13 before I can even get a stupid rental. why even bother.

Yes golf with stupid shits heads is sounding more and more fun!

Current Mood: enraged
Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
6:48 pm
More work on the mill today..
I got the table cleaned up and put on which is over 16" wide. Drove the gib in, and the table is no longer a free sliding fit.Its going to wait till I get the power feed working.
All the power feed driveshafts are now free, and working smoothly. The power feed gearbox is all freed up, and installed. The drive chain for it is alittle stretched but Im sure it will work fine. Ive discovered that nearly every part has part numbers on this.(Even the individual spokes of a tiller type wheel to change gears). I had to make a pin type setscrew, and cut slots for a standard screwdriver in the ends of more of these that were mashed over on the power feed driveshaft. Hacksaw FTW:)
Im really amazed that everything that was frozen solid freed up so easy. The hardest thing was to free the slip joint in the power feed driveshaft. ANd that still was rather easy. just sprayed Kroyal on it, and knocked it about with the maul, on th anvil. THen beat it some more in the vice, with a dull hot chisel, and maul, drove right out. Now after sanding it with more 80grit, and oiling it it slid right back in:)
I've been using 40 wt hydraulic oil for the initial oiling on everything, and it works great to break up the rust, dead grease, dirt, and a great penatrant
I then got the 20 hp motor unbolted, but could not find my keys to the house and everything else to get into te barn to get the 10 hp. so that was the end of that endevor..
Last thing was to scrape the 30 years of dirt and grease off of the base. Damn I miss summer already :( it was dark..

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Monday, November 9th, 2009
7:13 pm
Horizontal mill made it home finally:))
Mill makes it home!Collapse )
One day when Im old and all grey, Ill have a shop around this, and 3 phase running right too the shop. Ahh the dreams :p

Current Mood: Old shiny :p
Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
9:19 pm
Further down the downward spiral....
The forester is dead now.
On the way to work today, leaving so late, I decided whats the rush, and took my time, planning on arriving 1/2 hour late. I was going to take the long way thru town to get to work, but decided agenst it for the drivers were crazy today. Well I got nailed anyways taking the forest service road.

I was more than 2/3 acrossed the road to work, when I rounded a corner, and a driver was flying till he saw me. he hit the brakes while I headed for the cliff side of the road. Well his toyota, took out the front fender, the mirror,drivers dooor, drivers side rear door, and alittle of the rear quarter panel. front bumper is shot too. Steering is off, and loose now, and I think the car is possibly racked (Tho it is a unibody) the rear hatch is striking the one side instead of closing quietly like it used to.
I had to go out thru the rear door, as the drivers door was locked agenst the crash pins and wouldnt open more than just a crack (Now it wont close totally either.) This was basically a sideswipe. Both the driver and passanger were mongs, who one spoke No english, and the other hardly any. both had cellphones, which was cool being I had none. Noone was injured either :)
Called the ins for a tow, and she said to call the police, there are none out here to call, so she said call 911. so I did. dispach called the forestry dept, and th sherriffs office, neither answered the phone :p so she said as long as there are no injuries, just exchange info, and that she could call a towtruck if needed. I told her thanks, and sorry to bother ya, but ins, told me to call(Even withou any injuries). she said np, and we were off to find our way to get on our way. his front bumper was locked agenst his tire, but my car was still moving ok. so I flipped a bitch and got the rope out of the back and pulled his bumper out away with it on the tow hook of the car. he had a fence 't' post puller to which he pried the smashed fender away from the tire, and pruning shears to which he cut away the plastic shmashies. it felt like 3 hours there, but I arrived at work only at 9;30 instead of 9 I was aming for. We were all still alittle shaken up, but it took him 8 attempts to try to make a u turn in the road and still couldnt get it. I asked if he wanted me to turn it around, and it was a simple 3 point turn...
Now I wonder if they Were drunk.. At the time I didnt think so, but after we exchanged info (Both us have aaa) and the cleanup. looking bak at the fact that the uturn was impossible, and the fact that he left going back the way he came still going 30 makes me wonder now..
Ah hell I dont really care, its already a bad enough day.
I think the car is close to being a total, but the BB is still high enough Im sure it will just be pached up.

At least doing track work all day at work made me forget about it for 6 hours I was there.
Goddam rolling coffins.....

Current Mood: crappy
Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
8:40 pm
Well much to my dismay, Im 100 $ more in the hole..
Decided to go and get the parts ordered for the car that came in put on.
4 hours later at the stealership it was done. THis is bad enough that Plastic valves are breaking at less than 60k miles. But add to that the fact I had to drive 300 miles to get this thing fixed sorta pisses me off. it was 2 times down to fresno to get it fixed, as the first time they found the problem, but no parts. I was going to go shopping, but after dropping another 100 there was no money for foods. I did stop in and get a bag o shredded cheese, and stoped in at home chepo to look at roofing materials. OMG Still overpriced! 100sq' of roll roof is 45$ I think not, especially for a biulding that is barely standing.

I got home and cleaned up more around the wellhouse under repair, and tripped over the last of my moms left over box of profiled comp shingle roof. I said hell with it, and dragged a bunch up on the roof, and started nailin it down. one used box was enough to roof almost the entire side of the thing, so I got to finish it off with edge roll leftovers. Unfortunately the last piece I was puttin gon the ridge, was rotten, and as I was naling it down, it came apart. So that was the end of that!

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